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Welcome to my kayak building page!

My name is Tim (if you hadn't guessed, that's me to the left) and I thought it would be fun to show anyone who wants to take a look the process of building the Chesapeake 16 Wooden Sea Kayak, a design of Chesapeake Light Craft, Inc.  

Want to see the finished product first?  Click here
Kayak Building Step-by-Step
Step 1:  Choosing and Ordering
Step 2:  Preparing and Unpacking
Step 3:  Gluing the Scarf Joints
Step 4:  Screwing Up and Fixing Scarf Joints
Step 5:  Gluing on the Sheer Clamps
Step 6:  Stitching the Hull
Step 7:  Filleting
Step 8:  Fiberglassing the Inside
Step 9:  Installing the Bulkheads
Step 10:  Preparing the Outside
Step 11:  Fiberglassing the Outside
Step 12:  Planing the Sheer Clamps
Step 13:  Installing the Deck Beams
Step 14:  Attaching the Deck
Step 15:  Cutting the Hatch Openings and Trimming the Deck
Step 16:  Doing the End Pours
Step 17:  Installing the Coaming and Making the Hatch Covers
Step 18:  Sealing the Deck
Step 19:  Varnishing
Step 20:  Outfitting
Step 21:  Launching
Three years later: The launching of my Dad's kayak

How long does it take?

What does it take?

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