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Step 13:  Installing the Deck Beams

Deck beams are pieces of wood that follow the curve of the deck and are oriented perpendicular to the long axis of the boat.  In addition to the bulkheads, the deck is supported by one major deck beam at the front of the cockpit and a small one at the bow.  

The deck beams came pre-curved in the kit so all I had to do was cut and shape the ends so that they fit inside the sheer clamps:

The deck beams are attached with epoxy and held in place with screws from the outside.  I later filled the screw holes with thickened epoxy:
Before putting on the deck I had to make sure I had done everything I needed to on the interior.  One of those things was positioning and drilling the mounting holes for the foot pedals. The pedals will get mounted at the very end, after varnishing.

All ready for the deck!  

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