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Step 10:  Preparing the Outside

With the inside coming along nicely, it was time to flip her over and start on the exterior.  First I had to do a lot of preparation work before I could apply the fiberglass.  I started out by clipping the wire ties as close to the surface of the wood as possible:
Next I made a paste of thickened epoxy using both wood flour and Cab-o-sil and attempting to make it the same color as the darkened wood I had already coated with epoxy.  I applied this paste along each of the seams.  That way when I sand off the sharp corners I won't have to sand all the way down to the interior fillet to get a nice rounded transition from bottom to side.  The booklet only said to fill in any gaps and didn't mention doing the whole seam but there was a little picture of someone doing it and it seemed like a good idea to me.  I tried to do it as neatly as possible to avoid excessive sanding later but it was pretty messy:

Here is what it looked like when I had finished with that step:

When that was dry I sanded the whole exterior, particularly the seams which I rounded over.  I sanded with 80 grit mostly and then went over everything once with 120 and 220.
Here is what it looked like when I had finished sanding:
I sanded off all of the excess thickened epoxy but as you can see there are still dark areas.  These are the result of the wetness of the epoxy seeping in and they are impossible to sand off.  So hopefully when I add the fiberglass and get the whole surface wet with epoxy they will disappear.  After I cleaned all the dust off the surface of the wood I declared it ready to fiberglass...

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