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Step 5:  Gluing on the Sheer Clamps

Well, as you can see above, my repair job on the side panels (one of which cracked while the other just appeared weak) worked just fine and only added a minimal amount of weight to the boat.  

So on to the next step which is to install the "sheer clamps."  Sheer clamps are strips of wood 1" x 3/4"  which run almost the length of the boat along the top edge of the side panels.  They allow you to later mount the deck on top of the side panels.  In this cross-section (below) the sheer clamp is indicated by the curvy arrow in the upper right hand corner:

The sheer clamps must be attached to the side panels now because it would be very difficult later in the process.

First I had to do more scarf joint gluing to make the long pieces that will serve as the sheer clamps.

Once those had dried I glued them to the top of the side panels as shown below:
The sheer clamps are left hanging over the edge by 1/4 inch on purpose.  Later I will plane them down to create a good surface for the deck to rest on.  

Yes indeed, you need a lot of clamps, in fact one every six inches according to the instructions.  I had about 27 and that was just barely enough.  The C clamps give a better, more accurate hold so I used those every foot and a half and then filled in the gaps with spring clamps.  I placed scrap pieces underneath to protect the wood.

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