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Building the Chesapeake 16
A Step-by-Step Description of Building a Wooden Sea Kayak from a Kit

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Kayak Building Step-by-Step!

Welcome to my kayak building page!  This site shows the process of building a wooden sea kayak using stitch-and-glue construction methods from a kit.  The boat is the Chesapeake 16, a design of Chesapeake Light Craft Inc.  When I started I had no real boat building experience so I learned a lot.  


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Boat building is fun, but of all the different types of boat-building and all the different types of boats one can build I would say that kayak building also known as kayak-building is a great place to start.  A beginner boat-builder (or boatbuilder) should really strongly consider starting with a method of boatbuilding called stitch-and-glue.  Stitch and glue is basically where you "stitch" up the side and bottom panels using copper wire and then glue using epoxy.  The wood used is marine grade plywood and then it is covered in fiberglass to add strength.  The result is a strong wooden sea kayak that you made yourself.  Kayak building is not as hard as many people think.  In fact if you buy a kit then it is a bit more like a big arts and craft project than woodworking.  I think when I build another boat I will build it from plans and really take my time to do it.  Also I might consider doing a strip built kayak.  Those look very beautiful but very hard to build.  After you are a great kayak builder you can go out and explore on your newly built watercraft.  

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